The Venom III is a superweapon of a Battle Machine. So naturally, it's piloted by a Meca One clone.


First UseEdit

After being built in the Robot Fortress using stolen Golden City tech, The Venom III was first sent out against a small Viroid strike force. It completely decimated the entire Strike Force and returned to base after being sighted by a Stealth Hunter but not before shooting the Stealth Hunter down.


The Venom III is a giant black humanoid Battle Machine. It is piloted by a Meca One clone with it's twin shoulder-mounted Gatling Laser cannons being manned by Iron Drones. The Venom III's weapons include the aforementioned shoulder cannons, twin leg-mounted cannons, three missile launchers on both wrists, a massive Laser Sniper Rifle in it's right hand and a Energy Sword in it's left. It's only weakness is that it's three power cores need to vent their heat at times, causing it to s+top in place.