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Stealth Titan Runner-01
Stance2.jpg DISPLAY
Battle Machine
Affiliation Humans
Armor Endoskeleton
Power Source Power Core
Weapons Rocket Frame
Four-finger hand Manipulator
Pilot Takeshi
Status Unknown
Location Sentai Mountain

Stealth Titan Runner-01 is a hybrid of the technologies first seen in the Exo-Force maked with the pieces of the Stealth Hunter and the Grand Titan.


The Stealth Titan Runner-01 was build using the parts of an damaged Stealth Hunter and Grand Titan, and was used in the Battle Against the Striking Venom, the Stealth Runner-01 use his rockets to destroy many Robot battle machines, a Fire Vulture throws fire to the Stealth Titan Runner-01, but no damage the Stealth Titan Runner-01, finally after defeat an Thunder Fury, the bridge under the Stealth Titan Runner collapse. The Stealth Titan Runner-01 was missing in the fall.


Featuring a sturdy 'mobility frame', the endoskeleton is light but very tough, and affords the STR-01 an agility uncommon in other mecha of its class and a speed that can outrun lighter mechs. The 'chicken walker' limb system affords mobilty on a winde range of terrain, including shallow lakes and rivers.

The 'pilot cabin' is mated to the mobility frame to complete the configuration, which includes a rocket frame mounted on the right shoulder hardpoint, and a pair of aft dorsal 'counterweight fins' to assist in 'predictive displacement' - technology allowing almost human-like response and movement range in the mecha superstructure and mobility frame.

A four-finger hand manipulator on the right forearm keeps weight down and allows the Stealth Titan Runner to fashion weapons from anything available on the battlefield. The left forearm can be fitted with a range of equipment and armament, typically a pulsed weapon or other rapid-fire/incendiary armaments.

The feet of the Stealth Titan Runner feature two rear 'toes' which change their orientation to increase or decrease the standing footprint of the mech, improving its stability on rugged terrain, demolished buildings or inferior mecha.


  • Rocket Frame
  • Four-finger hand Manipulator
  • Forearm

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