Solar Dragon
IMG 1096
Battle Machine
Affiliation Humans
Power Source Power Brick
Weapons Solar Energy Staff
Rotating Blazer Cannon
Twin Pulse Lasers
4 Cluster Missiles
Pilot Takeshi
Status Discontinued
Location Sentai Mountain

The Solar Dragon is an exotic and expensive design. It was Piloted By Takeshi.


The Solar Dragon is a medium mech driven by none other than Takeshi himself. When it was designed, the only things in mind were armor and pure force. It has a single, huge shield on its left arm that is nearly impenetrable. This sheild can be used for protection against any weapon, from ballistic missiles to sniper laser cannons. In its right arm it holds a huge energy staff that is actually powered from a seperate generator. The extra bulk of the mech is mainly due to the fact that this second generator is onbaord to power this staff. In addition to the staff it also has a central rotating blazer cannon, 2 pulse lasers, and 4 cluster missiles. While the mech itself is not fully capable of flying, it has foot-mounted jump-jets that can be used to scale normally impassable terrain such as small canyons or walls. It also has fins on it's shoulders for aerial maneuvering while using the jump-jets, but these fins are actually also used as huge solar panels for helping to charge the giant energy staff. While being powerful, the design was extremely expensive. Once Takeshi managed to totally wreck the only model in existence, the design was discontinued because of the huge price tag to build even a single unit.

IMG 1093

Solar Dragon Posing With Decimator, Red Fury, Snow Eagle, and Bobcat.


  • Solar Energy Staff (Right Arm)
  • Rotating Blazer Cannon (Body)
  • Twin Pulse Lasers (Shoulders)
  • 4 Cluster Missiles (Shoulders)

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