Snow Eagle
IMG 1094
Battle Machine
Affiliation Humans
Power Source Power Generator
Weapons Laser Cannon
Laser Blaster
Power Grip
12 Homing Missiles
Pilot Unknown
Status Out of Use
Location Sentai Mountain

The Snow Eagle, a well balanced human design with fairly good weapons and the ability to fly.


The snow eagle was an extremely successful human mech design. It was made during the later days of the war, and as such it was able to take advantage of the more advanced technology. Compared to another popular airborne mech design, the Stealth Hunter, the Snow Eagle featured a much more powerful laser cannon on its arm, and electronic guidance systems for

IMG 1095

Showing off sleek aesthetics.

even more precision than the stealth hunter already had. The main power generator in the Snow Eagle is also much more powerful and allows the new mech to do aerial maneuvers quicker and achieve higher maximum velocity for long range travel. The old energy sword was also replaced with a "power grip" under the reasoning that since the mech was mostly airborne, it would not see melee combat. While the stealth hunter had 1 guided ballistic missile on board, advancements allow the snow eagle to carry 12 at once, each with greater explosiveness and precision than the old stealth hunter missile. Overall aerodynamics have been improved and armor has been refined to be lighter and to protect only the vital parts of the machine. When it entered service, it was a huge step forward in the battle between the humans and robots.

IMG 1087

Posing with the rest of Tipman2000's custom collection.


  • "Blue Ice" Laser Cannon (Left Arm)
    IMG 1088

    Tipman2000's custom collection in epic picture-perfect poses.

  • Laser Blaster (Body)
  • Power Grip (Right Arm)
  • 12 Homing Missiles (Shoulders & Wings)

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