Red Fury
IMG 1080
Battle Machine
Affiliation Humans
Power Source Power Generator
Weapons Enhanced Ion Cannon
"Red Link" Sniper Laser
Twin rotating laser blasters
Auxillary laser blaster
Status Unknown
Location Sentai Mountain

The Red Fury, A Huge battle machine built for long range assault.


The Red Fury Was a huge battle machine built by the humans Late in the first season of the series. It is heavily armoured and armed but due these features it is extremely heavy. When constructing this machine the humans underestimated the weight and did not construct legs and feet strong enough to hold up in combat. Luckily, the Red Fury is equipped with mostly long-ranged weapons and thus this weakness is masked from close-on attack.


  • Enhanced Ion Cannon (Right Arm)
  • "Red Link" Sniper Laser (Left Arm)
  • Twin rotating laser blasters (Shoulders)
  • Auxillary laser blaster (Cockpit)


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