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Meca One
Affiliation Robots
Type Meca One
Battle Machine Mobile Devastator
Status Intact
Location Sentai Mountain

Meca One is the leader of the robot army, he build some clones of himself.


The first robot to rebel against the Humans, Meca One is now the unquestioned supreme leader of the robot army. While he realizes humans created robots, he believes that the robots deserve to rule because they are smarter and more powerful. He also hates the fact that he was created by such obviously inferior beings, and harbors a particular hatred for Sensei Keiken, his original maker.


Meca One is heartless, cold, and arrogant. He feels no emotional connection to humans or to any of its own troops, but uniquely prone to the occasional outburst of apparent rage or gloating. He sees himself as the ultimate robot and his own survival and rule is of the utmost importance.

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