Affiliation Humans
Gender Male
Age 18
Battle Machine Assault Striker
Status Alive
Location Across City
Kira is a Human and the pilot of the Assault Striker, He is the main protagonist of False Peace.


Kira is a human, he born in Across City, when the war begin he was very young, his father was captured by the robots and his mother died when he born. He don't known nothing about his family, He studied at an School in Across City and graduated in Engineery and Advanced Physics. He then find a Job in the mines, where he meet Echo who turns into his best friend.

False PeaceEdit

Before the robots attack the city, Kira was contracted as an engineer in the Across Technology Center, When the robots attack he find himself locked in the Installation, he accidentally found the Secret Human Battle Machines, he gets inside the Assault Striker trying to protect himself by the robots, in that moment Echo tries to stole the Battle Machine, but he finds Kira and stole the other one, then the installation was self-destroyed, Kira activates the Armor from the Striker trying to safe himself from the fire.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Kira is a really good person, he always cares about the safety of his friends and partners, he also is a really skilled technician, he got no combat practice, because he was a civilian before take the control of the Assault Striker, but being an Upgraded Human he learns quickly how to drive a Battle Machine and fight against the robots.

Battle MachinesEdit