Affiliation Humans
Gender Male
Age 40
Weapons Pistol
Battle Machine Grand Titan
Status Alive
Location Across Bridge

Keita is an experimented Exo-Force pilot, he got the rank of lieutenant and is nicknamed the "Tank of Glados".


When the War begin Keita helps with the Robot defeat, when the robots came back he joins the Exo-Force Team, to help in the protection of the humanity. Keita participied in more than fifthteen battles against the robots.

Battle of GladosEdit

Keita was assigned to defend the Glados Bridge against the robots, this was his first time using the Grand Titan. During the battle, all his teammates where killed and he fight alone against an entire Robot Force, he defeat all the Robots only using the Pincer Sword, because a Thunder Fury cut his Gatling Laser Cannon, after this battle he receibed the nickname "Tank of Glados" and was promoved to Lieutenant. He upgrade the Grand Titan with his own equipment.

The Fall of AcrossEdit

Keita was send to Across City to protect the new Secret Battle Machines, he with an entire army of Uplinks defend the bridge against the most biggest robot army he never see, during the Battle he saw three Sonic Phantoms armed with the Electromagnetic Missiles, he destroy two of them. but the last one escape.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Keita is normally a joker, he always shows good humor. During the battles he shows excellent combat abilities, he knows how to use every type of Equipment and Weapon. He fight in more than fifthteen battles against the robots. Keita is a 40 years old man a veteran, he is nicknamed the "Tank of Glados".

Battle MachinesEdit