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Affiliation Humans
Gender Female
Battle Machine Blazing Falcon
Status Alive
Location Sentai Mountain

Hitomi is the grandaughter of Sensei Keiken and the only female on the Exo-Force Team.


She is a great mechanic and had the makings of one from a young age. But she was more interested in Battle Machines, but her grandfather didn't allow her to be one because he feared for her safety and that she would die like her parents. But she disobeyed her grandfather and flew a battle machine called the Blazing Falcon without permission during a robot attack on the Golden City, but saved the day by saving a fellow Exo-force pilot, Ha-Ya-To from the robots. After that Keiken decided it would be best to make her an Exo-Force pilot. After Keiken was kidnapped by Meca One, she was made leader of the Exo-Force according to her grandfather's wishes. Divided with her teammates, she is smart and smart-mouthed, a risk-taker who feels she has something to prove. When divided with Sensei Keiken, she becomes more formal and withdrawn, though she may be prone to outbursts if pushed too far. A skilled mechanic, but more interested in martial arts and battle machine piloting than technical work these days.

Battle MachinesEdit