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Grand Titan
Battle Machine
Affiliation Humans
Armor 8" Intractium Armor
Power Source Power Brick
Weapons Gatling Laser Cannon
Pincer Sword
Twin Missiles
Pilot Takeshi
Status In Use, One short circuited
Location Sentai Mountain
Grand Titan, is a mass produced battle machine. Grand Titan are mostly used by pilots who fight on the ground, including Takeshi and Keita


The Grand Titan is almost indisructible, therefore making it the main force in the frontline. The Grand Titan was used often.


  • Gatling Laser Cannon
  • Pincer Sword
  • Twin Missiles

Keita's Custom Grand TitanEdit


Keita's Grand Titan

Keita's Grand Titan is almost completely like the Original Grand Titan, but with some differences in the weaponry, the Gatling Laser Cannon was replaced with a Simple Hand, this makes Grand Titan capable of pick up objects. The Right rocket in the Shoulder of the Grand Titan was replaced with a Magnetic Missile. The weaponry was choosen by Keita.