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A universe where Exo-Force, Ben 10 and Ninjago are connected. A world of awesome.

The villain "Serpent" from Ben 10 is a biologically enhanced alien specie named 'Serpentines' from the alternate dimension of 'Ninjago', created by the first Spinjutzi master and Sensei Woo's ancestor, with the four elemental weapons of water, earth, fire and air.

Sensei Keiken and Woo were close friends together with Maxwell Tennyson and Devlin Levin during the time as "Plumbers", also known as Magister Keiken and Magister Woo. Keiken was a great technican and designed many of the Plumber's vehicles and weaponry and is most known for creating the mechs during the first Highbreed invasion on earth; a giant fleet of biologically enhanced Highbreed-infantery, which was later turned into mining-machines and were not used again. Woo was astonishing in hand-to-hand combat as he was teached by his father in the Ninjago-dimension. He often led sabotage missions for the plumbers. When the two retired, Sensei found the Sentai Mountain and created the Meca One. And Woo, inspired by his pupils at the plumbers academy, went back to Ninjago and created a team of Spinjutzi warriors that he made to protect the realm from all evil.