Echo (MRU-353)
Affiliation Robots
Type First Generation Robot
Weapons Assault Rifle
Battle Machine Stealth Phantom
Status Operating (Is a robot)
Location Across City
Echo (MRU-353) is the robot pilot of the Stealth Phantom, he is also a First Generation Robot, He is one of the protagonists of False Peace.


Echo was a first generation robot, he was assigned in Across City when the War begun, he like the other robots and Humans in Across was not included in the War, during the war he works in the mines, because his robot strenght and knowledge normal in the MRU Units, during his job he meet Kira, who became good friends.

False PeaceEdit

When the robots begin their attack in Across City, (because the secret Battle Machines in construction in there.) he was affected by an Electromagentic Missile, by a Sonic Phantom. The magnetic pulse control his mind and put him against the humans. He with all the other robots attack the Across Technology Center to stole the Battle Machines, there he tries to stole the Assault Striker, but when he finds the pilot was his old friend Kira, he stole the other one, the Stealth Phantom. When the installation where self-destroyed he uses the Stealth Phantom to escape.

Personality and SkillsEdit

Echo like any other robot is more stronger than any human, he is a First Generation robot, this mean he was not under total robot mind control, when the robots attack Across and control his mind he was not totally under their control, that is the reason because he don't hurt Kira the first time.

Echo is a really smarter robot, and got a succesfully control of any tipe of weapon or technology system. Echo's designation is MRU-353 (Mining Robot Unit).

Battle MachinesEdit