IMG 1099
Battle Machine
Affiliation Robots
Power Source Power Brick
Weapons Super-Size Ion Cannon
Twin Laser Gatling Guns
Missile Launcher
Quad Beam Blaster
Jump Booster Rockets
Pilot Meca One
Status Unknown
Location Sentai Mountain

The Decimator, A special battle machine built for Meca One himself. Features over-the-top armor, armament, and cool factor.


Much larger than your conventional battle machine, this behemoth runs on dual power bricks. This is similar to the Bridge Walker, also a design built for Meca One. Unlike the Bridge Walker, however, this machine is a conventional upright walker design and is extremely hard to destroy.
IMG 1098

Primed and Prepared for Destruction.

It's armament basically includes any type of weapon you could imagine, and as such it has the ability to punch through any type of armour. In addition to all of this, it can even fly, with huge booster rockets on it's backside. This feature is really only for jumping, and it can not maneuver very well in the air, but it still adds to the deadliness of this combo.


  • Super-Size Ion Cannon (Left Arm)
    IMG 1101

    A force to be reckoned with.

  • Twin Laser Gatling Guns (Shoulders)
  • Missile Launcher (Right Arm)
  • Quad Beam Blaster (Right Arm)
  • Jump Booster Rockets (Back)

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