IMG 1104(2)
Battle Machine
Affiliation Robots
Power Source Generators
Weapons Carbon Alloy Power-Claw
Twin Laser Blasters
Mini Ion Cannon
Homing Missile
Laser Painter
Pilot Iron Drone
Status Out of Use
Location Robot Scrapyard

The Bobcat is a smaller battle machine piloted by a single Iron Drone.


IMG 1102

More than enough firepower to take down any unwary human foe.

This creation based on the exo-force universe. The bobcat was a small bipedal mech design actually based on an older design, the sentry. It is basically a sentry mech with upgraded weapons, armor, and electronics systems. While proving much more effective in battle than the smaller, more outdated sentry, this design ended up being much less reliable. The reliability issue stemmed from the fact that despite most of the design being overhauled and upgraded, the main frame was still the same and had problems supporting the additional armor and bigger, more power hungry weapons needing larger generators. While quite powerful for its size, the bobcat was ultimately doomed to the scrapyard because of its unreliable design. While it was still in service human mech pilots dreaded ever seeing one because they knew it was a very powerful opponent.

IMG 1104

The Bobcat


  • Carbon Alloy Power-Claw (Left Arm)
  • Twin Laser Blasters (Body)
  • Mini Ion Cannon (Right Arm)
  • Homing Missile w/ Laser Painter (Shoulders)

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