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Battle Machine
Affiliation Humans
Armor 8 centimetres of intractium armor
Weapons Flamethrower, Triple Bladed Sword type weapon
Pilot Schorch
Status destroyed, or still fighting
Location Senitia Mountain

Blaze is a robot soldier battle machine for the Exo-Force.


Fire BattleEdit

The First battle the Blaze battle machine has been taken into. It has just been sent into a lava eniroment at the bottem of Senitia Mountain. Schorch has not reported back so he and the Blaze Machine are ether destroyed, or still fighting.

Abilities and TraitsEdit

It is done being constructuded and is planned to be used later for missions taht require entering a lava enviroment. It has mostly 8 centimetres of intractium armor and is planned to has a red orange and simver colored camaflouge armor. Weapons and other tools include a flamethrower, and a triple bladed sword type weapon. It is driven by Schorch and is undergoing the first test runs.


  • Flamethrower
  • Triple Bladed Sword type weapon