Assault Striker
Assault Striker
Battle Machine
Affiliation Humans
Armor Magentic Fiber Armor
Power Source Power Generator
Weapons Air Striker Weapons
Heavy Striker Weapons
Pilot Kira
Status In Use
Location Across City

The Assault Striker is a Human Battle Machine piloted by Kira. The Assault Striker is the only known Battle Machine capable of use the Air Striker and Heavy Striker packs.


The Assault Striker with the Stealth Phantom were built by the humans in secret in the neutral Across City. The robots discover this Battle Machines and launch an assault in the City. The robots gets inside the factory with Sentry and the controlled Robots from the city. Kira accidentally find the Battle Machines and gets inside the Assault Striker trying to hide from the robots, then he switch on the Striker trying to protect himself from the robots, Kira's robot friend Echo stole the Stealth Phantom and escape, when the factory activates the Self-Destruction, Kira can't move the Striker and activates the magnetic fiber armor. The Assault Striker survives the blow up, thanks to the armor.


The Assault Striker like the Stealth Phantom use the Magnetic Fiber Armor, this armor can protect the Battle Machine from any type of missile, laser or melee weapon exchange the Striker energy. The Air Striker includes a Laser Sword, A Beam-Energy Rifle and a Double-Turbine Engine with four wings that gives the Striker the capability to flight, The Heavy Striker includes Heavy Weaponry, An Gatling-Laser Cannon of six barrels, twelve missile pod and a Missile in it shoulder. The Striker works with a Power Generator that can produce three times the energy of the Power Brick. The Assault Striker also works with a neuronal interface with the pilot, this system is include in a helmet that got to be used by the pilot.


  • Dual Rockets
  • High-Beam Energy Rifle
  • Laser Sword
  • Six-Barrel Gatling Cannon
  • Missiles pod
  • Electromagnetic Missile
  • Lasers